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I’m Marney Simmons, a passionate fabriholic (if this isn’t a word yet, it should be).

For more than half my life, I’ve been experimenting with needle, thread, pattern and colour. 

You'll find examples of my customized placemats, notebook covers and tablerunners, on this site. 

While I’ve lived in other cultures on different continents, my family roots are in the Canadian Maritime province of Nova Scotia. 

Salt water, red sand, seafood, fresh garden food and friendly people are what convinced me to settle in this beautiful part of the world almost 20 years ago. The colours, sights and sounds of Nova Scotia combine to be my muse, my inspiration and my peaceful place.



I enjoy feasting my eyes on the stacks of crisp, luscious bolts in a fabric store.


However, I’m deeply concerned about the mountains of textiles that end up in landfills.


So I’m always thinking of new ways to transform gently used fabrics in combination with new ones.

This approach gives me great joy, knowing that my many small acts help to sustain our planet. 

My aim is to produce no waste by fabricating things that are colourful, fun, joyful and useful.

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